When I envisioned apps for lawyers, I honestly didn’t picture a legal keyboard. But that’s what we’re getting with Adaptxt Legal Keyboard ($3.99).

Adaptxt Legal Keyboard Google Play

Overall, the Adaptxt Legal Keyboard does a great job, and I’m really impressed by the functionality.

Adaptxt Legal Keyboard Text

Google Keyboard is my favorite keyboard application, but this Adaptxt Legal Keyboard does a real good job at replacing Google.

Button layout

I’m a big fan of Adaptxt’s keyboard, especially in regards to the button layout, including Android’s standard voice input function.

Portrait Adaptxt Legal Keyboard

The keyboard also places the most used symbols, numbers, and letters on each of the keyboard keys. The missing symbols and numbers was one of my least favorite features of the Google keyboard, since they require one extra step to grab the number.

Adaptxt also features the “learn as you type” feature that’s crucial for a keyboard to have. Simply type and Adaptxt will learn your habits and behaviors, including key words.

Adaptxt Legal Keyboard settings

Do you really need a legal keyboard?

I’m not quite convinced that a legal keyboard is all too necessary.

Adaptxt Legal Keyboard

The problem is, I’m not really sure what a “legal” word is, since I try to cut those out of my discussions, especially on mobile. Sure, I know there are a lot of usable legal words, but I have a hard time thinking of them. Thus, most of the time, the keyboard’s just a keyboard.

However, I think a lot of lawyers will find this app very useful, especially since you can easily switch between the specialized Adaptxt keyboard and another favorite. Overall, I’m giving this 4 of 5 stars.

Update: I’m pretty sure that most people grasp the concept of the keyboard, and the fact that the built-in dictionary, and not the actual keyboard, is what creates the “legal” element here, but just in case, the Adaptxt folks asked if I’d add this statement for clarity:

This isn’t a legal keyboard; it’s a legal dictionary that auto-populates legal words. So for example, lawyers and other legal professionals would be typing notes on their tablets for clients. Essentially it’s a dictionary and time-saving tool that lawyers can utilize in their work environment.

But my readers are smart, so that’s pointless to point out. The keyboard’s still pretty good when you want to say words like “de novo,” “hearsay,” or “stare decisis.”

Keyboard dictionary

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