This week Google gave everyone the opportunity to buy Glass without an invite. I haven’t seen the numbers on sales figures, but I did see one Tweet that claimed Google ran out of Glass inventory. Obviously, that really means nothing, since running out of and inventory of one device is the same as selling five million devices. Google also went one step further to announce it’s opening a “try-before-you-buy” program for interested Glass users. It’s not as great as many claim, since you get a non-working pair of Glass and a bunch of prescription frames to try. Sounds like you’re going to the eye doctor for a fitting. Here’s my Google+ post about the news (embedded content):

And now the rest of the news:

  • Howtomen has a really good video on Android’s hidden features

  • Lawyerist has a great post on getting started with Dropbox.
  • Chrome blog announced a new partnership with that allows you to stream baseball games to your television with Chromecast. (Embedded content)

That announcement makes me want to go sign up for MLB’s premium content. Now we just need to know when NFL’s coming.

  • And Phandroid reports that YouTube app now supports live streaming to Chromecast. I haven’t tested the feature out.
  • If you haven’t checked out the new Google Camera app or Chrome Remote Desktop app, go already. They’re great. Here’s a picture I too with the Lens Blur setting (embedded content):
  • And Google Glass once again proves itself useful in the medical profession. Will lawyers benefit? Not likely.
  • Samsung announced it received a patent for its new “Glass” prototype:


Pfft! Their version looks nothing like Google’s, it doesn’t wrap around your head.

  • CTIA announced their commitment to manufacturing devices with a “kill switch.” We’ll see how far that goes with Verizon and the Feds.
  • Google Fiber’s hiring in New York, which means that Bloomberg and de Blasio will probably start taxing New Yorkers for consuming too much internet.
  • I posted a reminder that Google Now will set reminders for places you visit, regardless of their location.
  • Google Now and Siri go head-to-head with Windows Phone’s newest assistant, Cortana. Who wins?

  • If you own a Kindle Fire, you’re not going to have Google Play installed. That doesn’t mean you can’t get Google Play later. This post gives you step by step directions.
  • KitKat’s “coming  soon“for Droid Razr Maxx and HD.
  • We might even seen Android 4.4.3 for Nexus devices.
  • Heavy Dropbox users, do you use Mailbox?
  • Here’s a post on 7 places to sell your old smartphone.
  • And finally, go crush your weekend:

Have a Happy Easter or Passover.

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