This week’s news is all about updates. Many apps received incremental updates to improve performance and the user experience. However, there isn’t any bigger update than this one from Google Play about its Play Movies app:

Play Movies

Okay, so maybe the app update isn’t all that cool, because this is what’s receiving all of the attention:

Nexus 10 2014

That’s because this tablet looks like the new Nexus 10 (2014) — or whatever it’ll be called — that everyone is anxiously expecting. Compare this new picture with the current (out of stock) model.

Nexus 10 Comparison

Now, let the rumors and speculation begin.

In other news:

  • Perhaps you’d like a new Android tablet now. Check out this list of the top tablets in April 2014.
  • Some Nexus 5 users are reporting problems with their camera. An Android 4.4.3 update might solve those issues.
  • Google Keep updated and looks sharp.
  • We might see an update to the Gmail app in the very near future also. This update would bring a totally different UI.
  • Europeans might light the idea of a now low-budget cell phone from Samsung, called the Galaxy Ace.
  • Google announced a first-ever stock split. Here’s why the split isn’t that big of a deal.
  • We’re finally getting a look at the Project Ara (a build-your-own-cell-phone project) team and device.

  • And once again Android is for poor people
  • Inkling is a new textbook reader app. Since I’ve vowed never to pick up a textbook again, I probably won’t touch this.
  • Some Android users have battery life issues. This site offers a simple suggestion: reboot your phone. Can’t say I disagree.
  • You’re now able to search more stuff in the Google Search app. At least if it’s in English.
  • The Droid Guy shows how to set up WiFi calling. Except, with unlimited text and talk, WiFi calling is rarely necessary. I guess you might want to call internationally, but why not just Hangout?
  • Avast and Lookout lead this list of the best anti-virus software for Android.
  • Speculation abounds that Google might launch its own wireless network in cities, much like Google Fiber. Now, what will Google do with all that data?
  • Some readers will recognize the name CCleaner as a desktop utility program. Now it’s in Beta for Android.
  • A new update for Chrome OS (dev) will recognize when your Chromebook connects to a tethered connection, using cellular data.
  • And if you’d like to enter developer mode on your Chromebook, here’s a quick how-to.
  • I have no idea why anyone would want to install iOS on Android, but you can. With a video.

  • I like using Chrome Remote Desktop on my Chromebook, and I’m very much looking forward to an Android app.
  • Google wants to end the class action lawsuit over Street View. I think it’s a good idea.
  • US News has a good list of apps for law students.
  • This book creator app might be good for lawyers.

  • And finally, a PSA about Vertical Video Syndrome:

Have a great week!

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