Traditionally, Google goes big with April Fool’s gags, and 2014 isn’t any different. Take a gander around the internet and you’re bound to find one or more of the jokes. Here’s a list of the gags you’ll see in 2014.

Pokemon Hunt

Yesterday, Google introduced its Google Maps Pokemon hunt. You’ll use Google Maps to hunt for Pokemon characters, then add them to your Pokemon portfolio.

Have fun hunting.

Gmail Shelfie

This trick is actually a cool way to celebrate Gmail’s 10th anniversary. If you follow Gmail on social media, your feed is going ballistic with these “trending” posts:

The Gmail Shelfie adds your picture or one from the internet as a background to your Gmail page. The posts are annoying, but the page is cool.

Nest + Virgin

Everyone hates being too hot or too cold on airplanes, so Nest and Virgin Atlantic got together for “Nest Temperature Control.”

I felt the “Chicago Polar Vortex” at ABA TECHSHOW. I’m not sure I’d mind it on an airplane.

Waze Dates

“Honking only takes you so far.” Online dating is hot, Waze is joining the fun.

This is definitely a new way to hunt “road goodies.”

Emoji Translate

If you don’t know what Emoji is, you need to learn. Here’s the future of communication staring you in the face, and Google’s Chrome team knows it.

If you’re wondering, here’s what a decently-translated page looks like.

Google Chrome Emoji Translate


Whew! I’m not sure how we managed.

“Hoff Bombs”

Do you really hate David Hasselhoff? Then you probably won’t want to upload any selfies or group photos today.


These “Hoffsome” photobombs will probably annoy you. Sadly, they might stick around, at least for a short time:

Auto-Awesome Resumes

Google’s really helping users get jobs. Here’s the auto-awesome for brushing up your resume:

Cats, cats, and more cats

Cats are popular. Now, your cat can type right along with you:

Visit the Chrome Web Store for the Qwerty Cats extension.



Top Planets

There’s life out there on other planets, and they’re clicking ads on your site. Google’s Adsense shows you the planets these visitors come from.

Europa looks like the best performing planet for this site:

Adsense top planets

YouTube Video Trends

Need I say more? Google’s predicting the future.

Data-less Decision Making

Despite Rick Klau’s intense discussion on the value of data, Google’s introducing the importance of not using data.

I’m going to try diving rods in my next mediation.

Coffee to the Home

Coffee lovers rejoice! Another amazing innovation from Google Fiber.–UU

I wonder if there’s any way Google could main line Mountain Dew or Dr. Pepper?

Pirate Helper

Google Helpouts is getting into the fun to help you become a better pirate:



Arrrgh! I really want to try the “one-eyed sword fighting” Helpout.

Toilet View

We’ve all been in public, needing to use a restroom, only to find something beyond usable. Now, Google’s giving you a view of the toilet before you enter:



Google Play Signature Edition

Apps for mobile devices will now come directly from developers in craftily wrapped “signature” boxes on USB:

Awesome concept.

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