Early last week Google teased us with rumors of a new Calendar app update that automatically added locations from Google Maps. The update finally arrived to my device this morning (I could have sideloaded the app, but I was lazy).

Admittedly, the new feature isn’t that revolutionary — I kind of thought, “duh, why isn’t this already a feature” — but will show just how important getting on Google is. At least that’s my opinion of what the whole thing means.

Calendar Auto CompleteI’m pretty sure Calendar arranges its suggestions based on the popularity of a location — national restaurant chain versus local place — but the predictions and suggestions are fantastic and useful.

I added a couple of doctor’s appointments and other locations simply by clicking the suggestion.

I did notice that the autocomplete feature might not be available for group events that you don’t control. For instance, I have an upcoming planning meeting for a charity event. I didn’t create the invitation, so I couldn’t add a location. However, I have another event that I created with other attendees where I could use the autocomplete feature.

The autocomplete feature will simply add more usefulness to Google Calendar.


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