Google is obviously trying to give Android users the “Google experience” even when they don’t own a Nexus device. The release of Google Now to all devices, followed by the Google Experience Launcher, showed Google’s commitment to “opening” its apps to more users.

Today, Google pull all Android users one step closer with the release of the Google Camera app.

Google Camera is a beefed up replacement camera that gives users the ability to shoot photo spheres, panoramic pictures, or take high quality videos.

Google Camera

Google also added a cool new Lens Blur feature. This new setting lets you focus your camera on a subject, pull the device away from the subject and automatically blur the edges.

Apple & Fire Hydrant


Some shots look better than others. Google Camera added a basic editing program — think a dumbed-down Instagram — to correct colors, crop images, or add special filter effects.

Google Camera Image Editor

Evan Rapoport, Google’s project manager for Google Camera development and shared this tip:

Google also added a “mobile video for dummies” feature to remind you to shoot your video in landscape mode.

14 - 1

The arrows spin around the camera profile to remind you to tilt the device into landscape mode.

Overall, I like the new camera app, and I think most users will, too.

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