Stampr is an online letter mailing service that contacted me with an offer for readers. Of course, I’m reluctant whenever any online site brings me an offer to try out their service, and normally I price sponsored posts well beyond reason to discourage solicitations. But, since I could see some value in Stampr’s service, I’m bringing you an offer to try their service.

Let me make this clear though: I do not use this service and do not endorse this company or service beyond the offer I negotiated for readers interested in Stampr. If you’re interested in Stampr, please continue to their site for more information. Finally, I received no compensation for this post.


Stampr’s a simple concept that offers to send letters on your behalf for one monthly fee. Packages start at $45 for 30 mailings, and goes up from there.

stampr price plan

Of course, Stampr suggests that their service will save you money. I’m always skeptical of those claims, but when you factor in soft costs (e.g. labor) it’s probably true.

Thus, if you’re interested in see what Stampr’s all about, from now until the end of April, you can try out the Home Office plan free for 30 days using coupon code DROYERFREE.

That should get you an idea of the value of the service. Then, if you decide you’d like to keep using the program, Stampr will offer you a discount for whatever plan you choose: 25% off Home Office15% off Professional, or 10% off Small Business. If you decide to take advantage of the discount, simply send an email to help[at] The team should see you used the promo code and assist you with the upgrade. The discount only applies to the monthly fee and not to the price of extra mailings, and does not carry forward if you choose to change your plan in the future.

If you’d  more information or you want to try out the service, I suggest you get in touch with Stampr, or visit the site to sign up.

Finally, I realize there might be privacy and confidentiality issues with the service. Since I’m merely conveying an offer, I haven’t fully vetted the program, but I strongly suggest you use some diligence, read Stampr’s terms of service and privacy policy (and here), and contact Stampr to discuss your concerns.

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