Cheating, no-good, two-timing, low-life, dirt bag husbands (or boyfriends) better watch out, because a new app just might make getting the incriminating texts much easier. Attorneys will rejoice because of the Email My Texts ($4.90) app from zee Software Apps.

I’ve known about these types of applications for “sending” text printouts, but I haven’t really seen any that work well enough to consider replacing the screenshot method.

With Email My Texts, attorneys can ditch having their clients bundle together an assortment of screenshots and have their clients simply email the conversations in a neat printout that’s much easier to follow along.

Email My Texts

Getting set up

Email My Texts is a quick-to-install app. I sent my first email of text messages about 3 minutes after installing the app.

Setup involves quickly selecting the settings you’d like to use for delivering the printout.

Email My Texts Setup

Selecting Specific Thread, will allow you to choose an individual conversation, as opposed to all of your messages.

Specific Thread

Similarly, you can filter your selection by a particular date range using the Filter function.


Email My Texts Filter

I didn’t change any other options before I exported my text conversation. However, you can fine tune even more settings with the Settings button.


Click Send Email/Upload when you’re ready to export the messages. Email My Texts will ask how you want to share the file.

Email Sharing

That’s it. Email My Texts will send an email or upload the file to your preferred cloud service or app. Obviously, most clients will send you the file as an email attachment, unless you have other arrangements.

Some small concerns

The Email My Text printout downloads as a .TXT file. Thus, depending on the trustworthiness of your client, you might need to consider whether there’s a disposition to lie (or change the text in the file). I’d think if you suspect foul play, screenshots might be your best option. You’ll also have admissibility issues, so be sure to address those problems before heading to court. Email My Texts is only available for Android devices, thus the majority of your clients with their iPhones will still deliver pages of mind-numbing and confusing screenshots. But, I guess we’ll take what we can get. Finally, this app can’t magically recover the deleted texts;”you get what you get, and you don’t throw a fit.”

Practice considerations and impressions

The biggest, most obvious, use of this app is for family law attorneys. However, I think personal injury or other litigation attorneys could still use the app. For instance, how about sending discovery requests that ask for the type of phone used by defendant/plaintiff, and specifically asking the other party to produce all of their text messages for 1 hour before and after the car accident using the Email My Texts app? You’ll probably get a “burdensome”  argument, but I think you could get by this problem with a simple argument to the judge about the feasibility and low expense of this method versus trying to request the information from the mobile carrier.

Overall, I think if you had the right alignment of stars, moon, and a “total eclipse of the heart,” Email My Texts will work as a great alternative for attorneys. I’m giving Email My Texts 4.5 of 5 stars.

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Is there an app for iPhones?

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