Logmein is my preferred remote desktop app. I find that Logmein is easy to use and for $50 per year, it’s a great option to enable remote connections. Also, since setting up a VPN is pricey, remote desktop connections work well to save on cost.

However, Logmein’s giving me some remote access issues. Since I use my Chromebook many times, I’m basically locked out of my office computer. But fortunately, Google introduced Chrome Remote Desktop that’s enabling me to keep working remotely.

CRD is a Chrome web app that allows remote access from my Chromebook or Chrome browser. Admittedly, the Google’s version isn’t quite as clean as Logmein — there are some issues with full screen mode — but Chrome Remote Desktop works well enough to get projects done.

The one drawback to CRD was the fact I couldn’t access remote desktop from my tablet or phone. Now though, that problem’s solved, because Google release the Chrome Remote Desktop app for Android. And since the app’s free, you won’t have to worry about recurring charges or costly servers.

It’s simple enough

I like the fact that CRD associates itself with my Google account. Of course, I’m a bit of a “Google Homer,” so I advocate using a lot of Google’s services — once again, if that’s not your thing, then Android’s probably not the mobile OS for you — and I especially love having everything neatly contained.

Once you’ve established your CRD relationship, which is installing CRD from the Chrome Web Store, then you’re ready to sign in. That’s simple enough.

If everything’s correct, you’ll see your list of associated computers on the screen.


When you don’t see your computer, then make sure you’ve selected the right account from the drop-down menu.


If your computer’s still not there, make sure your account’s added to your Android device, or check out this help section for troubleshooting tips.

From here, you’re asked for your CRD pin:


And you’re logged in.


Beware: controlling the desktop is a little funky

Before completing this review, I should mention that the controls are reversed from your common way of scrolling. For instance, if you swipe from right to left, you’ll actually move left on your desktop. Similarly, swiping up moves the cursor down. Pinch zoom is the only function that works naturally. But, once you figure out how to move, CRD is easy to use.

For efficiency and cost, Chrome Remote Desktop gets 4 of 5 stars.

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