Happy birthday to Google Play!

Google Play 2 Year Birthday


Two years ago Android Market became Google Play. Google’s celebrating the event with a ton of deals; although truthfully they’re not that great. I did pick up QuizUp to try and Icona Pop’s, I Love It. And of course, soccer fans will love FIFA 14. Check out all of the deals in Google Play.

And in other news . . .

  • Look for a new HTC One in the near future with an almost complete redesign. Great phone, if you like HTC.
  • Baseball fans will want to check out the new subscription format — $19.99 per year or $2.99 per month — for MLB.com at Bat. Note that you’ll still need your MLB.TV premium subscription to view games.
  • Chrome Beta for Android now features the ability to stream Chrome tabs to your Chromecast, similar to Google Cast for Chrome desktop.
  • F-Secure release a new Threat Report (PDF), which confirms that Android OS is “extremely secure” if you stick with Google Play for apps. The F-Secure report shows that most malware comes from two countries, Saudi Arabia (42% of detections) and India (33% of detections). The USA is a distant 4th, with 5%.

F-Secure Malware by Country

  • Android’s text-to-speech engine just got an enormous boost in power and functionality:

  • You see a lot of articles by authors moving to Android for a period of time, only to revert back to iOS. Here’s a post by an author who wants her KitKat. Note also, the author makes a great point about Android: :I mistook frustration with my phone for frustration with Android.” If your phone sucks, it’s probably not Android. The author’s frustration is one reason you should upgrade your phone. I love my Nexus 5. It’s probably the best Android phone (maybe device?) I’ve ever owned. Are there some small issues, of course. Are those issues significant enough to discourage me from using the phone, no.
  • New phones also have newer versions of the Android operating system. Here’s the most recent breakdown of Android OS distributions:

Android OS Distribution March 3 2014

  • A new Play Music update brings playlist-related radio stations.
  • You’ll see a lot of news releases on a new shopping app called TheFind. I had a press preview, but I’m not going to write about the app, other than to say the app might change how you shop online and search for deals.
  • Android tablet sales topped Apple iPad sales for the first time ever in 2013.
  • Unfortunately, the boom in Android tablet and phone sales hasn’t quite translated the same for lawyers. An ILTA survey shows that lawyers overwhelmingly select iPads and iPhones over their Android counterparts. Clio conducted its own survey that netted similar findings. These findings are probably why Techshow has 3 Android-specific sessions, and 50 (I don’t know exactly) iOS sessions.
  • And finally, I went to the Bose store here in Oklahoma City and got to see the Bose SoundLink 3 stereo. Android Authority has this great review video:


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