Techshow 2014, the American Bar Association’s wanna-be CES is right around the corner. Officially, there are 20 days left until my departure to Chicagoland. But, I’m so excited that I’m pretty much abandoning my legal practice to plan out my schedule of activities.

ABA Techshow 2014 Logo

Techshow, for the uninitiated is one gigantic festival of lawyer geekdom, meshed with the fun and excitement of Chicago. Here’s how the Techshow website describes the event:

The ABA TECHSHOW 2014 Conference and EXPO is where lawyers, legal professionals, and technology all come together. For three days, attendees learn about the most useful and practical technologies available. Our variety of CLE programming offers a great deal of education in just a short amount of time.

But there’s more to ABA TECHSHOW than the educational programs; attendees also get access to the EXPO Hall where legal technology vendors are eager to demonstrate their helpful products and services.  Touch, Talk, and Test your way through more than 100 technology vendors.

Or you can just check out my reviews from last year. There’s still time to register, and I think there’s still space for a SuperPass ($499) through LegalTypist, if you’re still not sure about cost. First-time attendees should definitely check out this page, and hit me up if you want to grab snacks, drinks, or dinner. I’m available.

I’ve narrowed down the conference schedule, so here are the sessions I’m attending:

Wednesday, March 26

6-7:30                Arrival Reception — I’ll be wandering around (probably with my Nexus 5 in hand)

8-9:30                LexThink.1 — I missed this event last year because I was in D.C., so this will be a check me out experience; get tickets here

Thursday, March 27

9:00-10:00      Telling Your Story for Trial — looking forward to sitting in on a few minutes of this presentation (I have my presentation at 10:15)

10:15-11:15      Office 365 v. Google Apps (mine) — come learn about both platforms, or watch me make a fool of myself

11:30                   Let’s grab lunch — I’m either spending money on Michigan Ave., or in a restaurant; let me know.

2:00-3:00         Visual Workflow Applications — who doesn’t need help managing their workflow and other systems?

4:00-5:00         Undecided — I’m still debating between PowerPoint, Practice Efficiency, or Document Storage; what do you think?

5:00-6:30          Welcome reception.

6:? – ?                   Taste of Techshow Dinner; “Google, Android, the NSA, and the Future of the Legal Profession”, or something like that — join me at Tutto Italiano Ristorante (directions here) for a fascinating discussion and dinner

Note: if you’re signing up for my ToT dinner, let me know and I’ll send you some private information (cell) so we can connect before — remind me to tell you about last year’s dinner that almost didn’t happen.

Update: dinner is at 7:30 (late, I know); we’ll meet at the concierge desk about 30 minutes before.

Friday, March 28

8:00-9:00        The Litigators Guide to Android — another “pop in/pop out” event

9:15-10:15       Practice Pointers: Android Settings & Customization to Up Productivity (mine) — another fun or fool?

12:45-145        Keynote Presentation — Rick Klau. Need I say more?

2:30-3:30         Road Tested: Gear, Gadgets & Guides that Smooth the Bumps in the Practice Road — gadgets and gear, what’s not to love? Plus, with Lincoln Mead on the panel, we’ll see some Android stuff, too

3:45-4:45         Mobility Killed the PC-Star: Can a Tablet Replace the Attorney’s PC? — the answer is no, but it’ll be fun seeing the arguments (expect mostly iPad talk)

5:00-6:00         60 Tips in 60 Minutes — fun little tidbits (hopefully we won’t see a dozen and 1 Outlook tips)

Saturday, March 29

8:30-10:00       Plenary: The Evolution of ethics and How it Applies to Today’s Technology — sounds exciting, riveting

10:15-11:15       60 Apps & Widgets (mine) — this is the last time you’ll get to hear me prattle

11:30-12:30      60 Sites in 60 Minutes — this is a new feature (I believe); last year seemed like a mash-up of Sites and Tips

Unfortunately, I’m catching a plane back to OKC at 3, so there won’t be much time spent lingering, if at all.

If you’re debating on attending, you can definitely save money with the SuperPass and by booking a room outside of the Hilton. At the time of publication of this post, there were still rooms available at the Essex Inn, which is across the street from the Hilton.

Essex Inn

That’s not a bad price for 3 nights (taxes kill you), and the Essex Inn is a lovely hotel.

Go get moving and meet me in Chicago!

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