Early this afternoon @evleaks and Marques Brownlee leaked two of the coolest Google-related informational tidbits.

First, @evleaks gave us all a look at the wonderful new Samsung Chromebook:

We don’t know a lot about the device, except there’s a faux-leather cover. I can’t wait to see the specs on the device, especially if Samsung ditched the ARM processor in favor of the Haswell processors, or maybe even something better. @evleaks is known for its very correct mobile device leaks.

Then, this evening, as we sat in “Oscar wonderland,” Marques posted this:

Yup. As I commented, this is a game-changer for document creation.

I’m already impressed with Google’s voice-to-text, so I’m pretty sure if Google can tweak some of the dictation cues, Docs could be a really awesome document-creation tool. I’m looking forward to seeing how well the speech to text functions work.

Don’t forget, if you’re in California (or even Arizona) the new California-compliant pleading works perfectly.

Update (03/03/14): Ars Technica reports that the new Samsung Chromebook will sport an ARM processor, rather than a Haswell processor. Specifically, the Chromebook will have a Exynos 5 Octa chip. Additionally, the Samsung Chromebook 2 will come in 2 different sizes: 11.6 inch and 13.3 inch. The 11 inch model will have a 1.9 GHz processor, while the 13 inch model will have a 2.1 GHz processor. Either way, that’s not too much of a difference in speed, though there’s about an $80 price difference — $319 or $399. Most importantly, both models will sport 4 GB of DDR3L RAM and 16 GB solid state hard drives. Read the post from Ars Technica for more details, I think you’ll be impressed.

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