The newest app from MusicalBigfoot (aka Dylan Pollard) will probably make a nice addition to your office television. The app is MyCastScreen (free), and basically turns your screen into a neat little news feed screensaver.

MyCastScreen Television

MyCastScreen displays an RSS news feed, weather, and traffic on your television screen.

The app pulls weather information based on your zip code, whichever one you want. You can grab traffic updates based on your address, zip code, or city. Obviously, if you use an address you’ll see more detail on your location. I liked the city setting to give an overview.

Finally, MyCastScreen gives you the ability to pull in an RSS news feed from your favorite news website.

MyCastScreen Setup

The default news site is Reuters, which I ended up really liking over any other site. The Reuters RSS feed has a nice balance between the volume of stories and the depth of the information — the picture above (on the television screen) shows the Reuters news feed.

Some small problems

MyCastScreen works well, though I had a couple small issues getting the app to run. For instance, there were a couple of times I couldn’t get the app to cast. I found the best solution for this problem was to disconnect the Chromecast from the app, close the app, and remove it from the background. After restarting the app, I’d have no problems.

And even though there’s an on/off switch to not show the clock, weather, traffic, or RSS, I could never shut those screens off.

I think most people will like the app, though it’s probably only really useful for office waiting rooms or similar areas. I’m also concerned about the effects of screen burn-in if you leave your television on too long.

I’d like to see rotating boxes, where the information in one of the smaller boxes rotates to become primary for a minute or two (a possible planned feature).

MyCastScreen gets 4 of 5 stars.

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MyCastScreen Setup MyCastScreen Television

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