There’s a new trend for app developers to create unique, Chromecast capable apps. Dehumanize Your Friends (free) is no different, and is actually designed by the same development team that created Qcast — so you know it’ll be fun.

Dehumanize Your Friends

What is the game all about?

Dehumanize Your Friends is loosely based on the popular card game, Cards Against Humanity (here and Amazon). In fact, until about 3 days ago, DYF was known as “Casts Against Civility.”

Casts Against Civility

MusicalBigfoot folks got a nice, fact C&D letter from the Cards creators, so the design changed:

The name changed, kind of a big deal.

There is no more black. Everything you’ve ever known to be black has never been black. It was purple the whole time.

Warning: DYF is a semi-raunchy game of “fill-in the phrase,” where you’re given a phrase, maybe with a blank, and you pick a match from a number of possible cards.



(Sorry about the television shot.)

“The King” chooses a winner who gets 1 point.

The King, Dehumanize Your Friends

The game continues for an undetermined amount of time — I wish there was a play time limit or pause option.

Some small caveats

Even though 2 players can play DYF, more players is better. I can only imagine what responses 7 players could come up with.

Also, the game’s designed for smaller screens, thought you can use a tablet. I played with my Nexus 7 and my ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity, so larger screens work.

However, I did find one small quirk for larger-screens: extra cards. Small screens, and even my Nexus 7, are limited to 10 cards, but when I used my Infinity, the game generated 14 cards to play. This glitch — the game’s still technically beta — occurred after the device posted 8 or 9 of the same card for one response. Having more cards doesn’t necessarily change your task, they merely give more options.

There’s a Google+ community you can join for more discussion and suggestions — such as revealing the winning card — for the future development of the game. I’d suggest joining since users are experiences a lot of the same small issues.

The conclusion

Dehumanize Your Friends is a great way to blow an evening giggling like a 12-year-old. Overall, I’m giving this game 4 of 5 stars. Oh, and if you’re interested in a video chat version, check out the Hangouts Against Humanity version of the game.

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