Android NewspaperBy now, you either have the Google Now Launcher, or you don’t. If you don’t, then you might want to go grab the launcher and sideload the install. I love it. If you have a Nexus or Google Play Edition device, then you’ll be able to grab the launcher from Google Play.

And if you didn’t notice, you can take a look at my two-part “expose” on cloud terms of service.

Now, here’s the rest of the news:

  • Futurelawyer introduced me to this story on using your phone’s hotspot as an emergency beacon. Assuming you can still use your device, this app could be potentially lifesaving.
  • Attorney at Work gives you some ideas on keeping client information safe in a BYOD environment.
  • Researchers at Wichita State report that Google Glass doesn’t distract user’s driving.
  • Android Community reports that a new Google Play Services update will help minimize Android malware with an “always on” scanning feature.
  • Two of the Motorola apps I miss from Moto X is Active Assist and Display, and Motorola just updated these apps to add new features.
  • iPhone/Apple fans are happy about an apparent comment from Google’s Sundar Pichai regarding Android flaws.
  • The problem is, Pichai never made the comment.
  • The “OK Google” command is available for Chrome Browser.
  • And Chrome for Android also saw a new update.
  • Google+ users will see a new update that adds awesome photo editing features. The update’s rolling out gradually to all Android devices.
  • Project Ara is Google’s new “build your own device” program, and apparently, Google wants the devices to start at $50.
  • Here’s an interesting concept, a self-destructing Android phone.
  • If you’re using a company provided Android phone, chances are it’s a Samsung model, because Samsung’s big in enterprise.
  • Most ASUS users won’t see an update to KitKat, but you could if you’re lucky.
  • If you’re willing to spend $50 or $90, you can have a new dock for your Nexus 7 tablet.

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