Law librarians, and particularly Kris Turner, at the University of Wisconsin were hard at work compiling a new guide to Android.

University of Wisconsin


I’m happy to see this list of information, and hopefully UW will continue to grow the list of apps. I always like to see other people’s favorites because sometimes I get a bit lonely when discussing the wonderful world of Android for lawyers.

Kris has a lot of good suggestions, including a great compilation of blog posts to accompany each category of app.

I will note that there are some book suggestions which are good. The problem (which also discourages me from writing) with many books on Android is that they’re swiftly outdated. For example, I note a few of the books were published in 2011, which means they were written 2 version of Android ago, and probably don’t even include the Nexus 7 tablet. That said, most of the principles will remain the same.

Now, go ahead and check out the UW site.

Source: Futurelawyer

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Kris Turner · February 17, 2014 at 10:33 am

Hi Jeffrey, Thanks for the post, and I’m glad that you enjoyed the guide. I check in with the Droid Lawyer for updates and apps, so it is great to be have the guide featured here. If we are missing any prominent apps, please let me know and thanks again!

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