I’d like to think this post had a significant effect on Google’s decision to update the Android Device Manager app. In fact, I think the only reason Google updated ADM app was because of my warning. Obviously, some readers may disagree, but we know who’s really right.

The newest update, which came to my phone yesterday, adds another layer of protection to the device by way of a password prompt at launch.

ADM Password


This corrects, or at least prevents, the mistaken wipe of a phone, which happened to me. I’m not saying this totally corrects the problem, or was even really necessary — arguably a password or restricted user account could prevent this — but given the importance of this feature, I’m glad it’s there now.

This fix means I’m again endorsing ADM for your phone or tablet.

Finally, you should also remember ADM is not antivirus or malware protection. ADM merely helps locate, lock, or wipe your Android device.

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