Thankfully, if you’re not into kids or newborn babies, you can avoid this post. I’d suggest something more appealing, like this one.

However, if you’re like The Droid Lawyer, facing the ever-mounting onslaught of newborn diapers, tears, and nights of aimless wandering and rocking, you’ll find a little interest in a newly discovered app called, Dormi – Baby Monitor (free).

Dormi popped up on my app radar during one of my nights of forced insomnia as I scrolled through Google Play on my phone. The app functions like those old-fashioned radio baby monitors, so you first-time parents can ditch that device from your baby registry — like auto-ship diapers from Amazon.

Dormi Welcome

You’ll be greeted with a TOS page and privacy policy — standard language — and then move into the set up functions.

Set up

Setting up the devices is very easy using Dormi’s automatic pairing function.

Dormi Autodiscovery

Within seconds, Dormi will display any enabled devices. Simply click the device and you’re ready to monitor your baby.

Baby monitoring

You’ll need to understand the two types of monitoring devices: child or parent.

Dormi Monitoring Child or Parent

 Those are pretty obvious, you’ll place the child device in the room with your child, and you’ll keep the parent device. Use the drop-down box to select the appropriate function.

Next, you’ll need to “play” the monitor by sliding to the correct monitoring function.

Dormi Monitoring

You can “play” or “pause” the monitoring at any time on either device.

I really like Dormi because it’s only a passive device, meaning Dormi “listens” for the baby’s cry, then activates the audio so you can listen in. However, unlike the radio monitors, you won’t have to listen to the constant static hum until the baby cries. If you’d like, Dormi lets you talk to the child device or passively listen.

What’s the cost?

The Dormi app is free to download, but you’re only granted 4 hours of run time per month. You might not run out of time each month, but if you want to guarantee that, you can purchase an unlimited usage token for $6.99.

Dormi Billing

You also have the ability to spend rewards credits to buy more time.

Dormi Rewards

If you want, you can spend your referral credits on increasing the billing discount to as much as 60%.

Final impressions

I’m fairly satisfied with the app — 4 of 5 stars — and Mrs. The Droid Lawyer said the app was easy for her to use and definitely beats the annoying static hum.

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Mark J. Olberding · February 20, 2014 at 8:40 am

While I am long past this stage of life, I do remember walking the floor at 0 weird hundred, although some of the details are vague. Just remember, sleep is for wimps.

    Jeffrey Taylor · February 20, 2014 at 10:14 am

    Aimlessly wandering the dark byways of the house. Thankfully, we have smartphones to occupy the time.

Brit67 · March 21, 2014 at 6:52 pm

Also checkout the new Munchkin Monitor FREE baby monitor app which can do live video:

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