Google Glass lives to fight another day, at least when it comes to driving. Cecelia Abadie, the California driver charged with distracted driving, had her day in court.

Not guilty.

Apparently, the highway patrol officer couldn’t prove that the Glass monitor was actually on. That’s a “big win” for Glass, since the case was seen as a test of the viability of using Glass. I’m sure, like everything else, the California legislature will find a way to regulate Glass. Pointless.

Now, here’s what else happened while you slept worked this week:

  • Google bought Nest for $3.2 billion. I wonder what that bidding war was like. You’d have to believe that Apple and others were in on the purchase plan.
  • And here’s why you might get a little concerned with this buyout.
  • Will our devices spy on us? Perhaps.
  • Google’s jumping in the spending lead of acquisitions for the past 2 years. Including Nest, Google spend $16.2 billion.
  • Fewer older versions of Android are around. Jelly Bean or KitKat are installed on 60% of devices.

Android OS 01-16-14

  • Google also announced that it’s developing a bionic contact lens, which is waiting for FDA approval. Personally, I’m excited about the device lawsuits to come.

Google Smart Contact Lens

  • And also Google released the Drive API so more developers can add Drive storage integration to their apps. This is exciting. I’m using Google Drive for more projects and to store more information. In fact, I’d rather use Drive than Dropbox.

Google Drive API

  • There are speculations (later recanted) and leaked images that Nexus 10 (2014) is coming soon.
  • How cool are these mini windmills? The power of the future.
  • And if you’re a fan of using your bank’s app, you might want to reconsider. Really, banking data via non-encrypted connections?
  • Is Windows 8.1 better than Android? This post seems to think so.
  • Want to fly Google Air? Me too. Probably not going to happen though.
  • FYI, my birthday’s on Monday:



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