Things are heating up in Las Vegas with tech announcements galore. Here’s a run-down on some of my favorite news stories:

And now the rest of news that’s not CES 2014:

Android Dominance


  • And this post might summarize why Google’s obsessed with putting Android devices into everyone’s pockets.
  • AT&T wants to offer “sponsored data,” which means advertisements to your mobile device that don’t cost your data seconds.
  • The FTC wants to examine the scheme.
  • But, AT&T’s getting the ASUS Padfone X.
  • Futurelawyer introduced me to this post about tech we’re probably all reminiscent about. Sadly, the Commodore 64 didn’t make the list — didn’t you just hate buying the book, typing the code, and finding a broken program? Yeah, good times.
  • Beat might be a good option for playing cloud music.

  • Russell Holly shows us why “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet” when talking Google Glass.
  • Is Google Glass coming to your office? Perhaps you need this proposed Glass policy.
  • Morrison Foerster has this newsletter with Google Glass as its featured article. Of course, the newsletter doesn’t mention my post.
  • BlackBerry might get a boost of cash for Ryan Seacrest’s trademark (or is it patent?) infringement:

And finally, be sure to check back later for your chance to win a Google Chromecast.


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