At least for the distant future, Motorola is giving consumer exactly what most of us want, off-contract phones.

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Beginning today, Motorola is offering an off-contract Moto X for $399 for the 16GB model ($449 for 32GB). Motorola also shows why low-cost, high-quality devices make perfect sense:

Because you should have the freedom to buy a great device when you want, without chaining yourself down.

I’m very happy with my Moto X, and am trying to talk Mrs. The Droid Lawyer into dumping her Galaxy S3 for a customized Moto X.

If you’d like to take advantage of this deal, and you should, head over to the Motomaker site to customize your new device.

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Don Philbin · January 11, 2014 at 6:16 pm


I love my Moto X. I was a long-time BlackBerry carrier who adopted one of the early iPhones because I thought allowing others to produce apps was genius. But Moto X makes my iPhone (still have it) look like a toy. It integrates seamlessly with my Google Apps for Business back office (no surprise there) and my favorite apps are now available in Play (we’re even updating my app to the screen dimensions).

Tired of hearing me rave about it, my wife just got one too.



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