Having to upload files to the cloud is one of the most frustrating aspects of cloud storage; next would probably be the inability to manage the files using drag and drop or Ctrl+Shift+A to select all. But but you have to get files into the cloud space first, so that aspect become most important. Thus, until recently (and by recently I mean no so recently) I’ve shuddered to use Google Drive to store and share firm files because I love Dropbox’s recognizable file management system — and because I couldn’t get my own employees and teammates to use our Drive storage, but that’s another issue). Drive did not have something so clean, which would allow me to mass-select and move millions of kilobytes of files to my Drive storage.

Fortunately, Google Drive offers a way for you to create a connected folder on your desktop, similar to the one you have for Dropbox. You’ll find the Drive connector under the menu bar on the mid-left side of the screen.

Connect to Drive


The application will download and install a connected sub-folder on your desktop.

Google Drive Folder on Desktop


The entire install process takes roughly 1 minute. Afterward, you’ll be able to access your Drive files directly from your desktop.

Of course, I’d never recommend sending confidential client information to Google Drive or any other cloud storage, but then again, your office might be just as vulnerable.

Jeff Taylor

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JimBrowning · January 29, 2014 at 5:50 am

Thanks Jeffrey, using a file encryption tool such as Innovode Armor might bring peace of mind to those wanting to store sensitive files in the Google Drive cloud.

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