SantaDroidCongratulations on your new Android device. I hope you had the opportunity to play around with your new tablet or smartphone, and can appreciate the beauty of the device.

You can do a number of things with your Android, including improving your productivity. Of course, Android tablets and phones aren’t all about productivity, so you’ll want to check out some games.

This site has a number of helpful tips and tricks on using your device. Here’s a list of a number of different ways The Droid Lawyer can help.

First, check out the search bar on the right to look for any topic you wish. As a newbie, you’ll also want to get familiar with Android’s sometimes confusing jargon. I also have a recent post that summarizes the relationship between “Droid” and “Android,” so you won’t look like a fool when you’re talking with other Androidites.

Next, check out my how to categories. These can give you a bunch of tricks for making use of your Android device, and even offer some troubleshooting advice when you run into a problem.

You might also want to check out my Android 101 topics. These posts give some basics for using Android devices. One of my favorites is this one giving five tips to know about your Android device.

Don’t take security for granted either. You’ve probably heard how dangerous Android is because of all the “nasty” viruses and other malware. Don’t worry, just follow some easy tips, and check out my security-related posts.

Of course, you’ll also want to check out my list of apps for lawyers and my reviews of a number of Android apps.

Even though you just got your new device, you’ll probably want some accessories, so check out my product reviews. And if you didn’t get one for the holidays, grab a Chromecast dongle. You can purchase one on Amazon or Google Play for $35. It’s probably one the best $35 you’ll spend on a media device. Chromecast allows you to broadcast movies from your Android device to your television.

Now that you have a base of information, it’s time to start exploring and playing with your new Android device. If you run into problems, just come back or send me a message.

Have fun!


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