The Droid Tots are far too excited for Christmas, as they should be. We started early this year, with our middle Tot thinking yesterday was Christmas Eve. Trust me, that made Mrs. The Droid Lawyer’s day very long indeed. Thankfully, today’s the day that Santa Claus comes and that means that you and your little ones can actually start tracking Jolly Old St. Nicholas across the globe with Santa Tracker.

Santa Tracker


Right now, according to Google, which is different from NORAD’s calculation, Santa is flying to deliver presents in Russia.

Santa Map

Google added Chromecast functionality — you remembered to get yourself a Chromecast, right? — to its Santa Tracker app, which means you can eliminate huddling around your computer and show The Big Guy on your television.

The Santa Tracker app features a “Santa Dashboard” that shows Santa’s current location, next destination, and his arrival to your home.

Santa's Current Location

The app and website are easy to use, and I think your little ones will enjoy some fun on this very exciting Christmas Eve.

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Mitch Jackson (@mitchjackson) · December 24, 2013 at 10:57 am

Jeff- Really glad I came across your blog this year. Excellent material and your passion shines through. Enjoy the holidays and let’s plan on doing something in 2014 that will make a ruckus! Maybe a Spreecast about your kick ass blog 🙂 MJ

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