The Lifehacker website is a great place to visit for interesting and helpful tips on making life easier. Sometimes the posts aren’t too useful, but then there’s occasions like today when the post is simply clever.

Lifehacker 12-30-13


Lifehacker’s ways aren’t particularly revolutionary, but they simply remind us that a mobile device should be able to do more than one thing.

I don’t agree with some of the suggestions, since there are less expensive or more convenient options. For instance, Lifehacker suggests you use Word Lens for translation. Word Lens is a great, but Google Translate is free and offers the same or similar quality of translation, plus a lot more languages. Google Translate gives you the ability to take a picture and translate the image. Bingo!

Overall, this post has some great suggestions — one of my favorites is to “check the remote” — that it’s worth a quick read..


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