Google takes a lot of flak for its “scanning your messages” policies. A lot of people complain because they believe that Google’s grabbing their information and leeching it of all valuable content. That’s probably true, but Google also does a lot to protect your privacy, and gives you the ability to adjust your settings and opt out of Google’s services.

Most people don’t know that your Google account has a settings dashboard where you can see what’s connected and tweak individual services.

Google Dashboard

Accessing your Google Dashboard

You can access your Google Dashboard from your desktop (probably easiest) or from your Android device.


To use your desktop, just point your browser to You’ll sign in using your Google account username and password.


Accessing your Dashboard takes a few more steps on your Android device, but you eventually end up at the same website. Of course, you could simplify the entire process by visiting the site directly, but that wouldn’t make much of a “how to” post.

First, click Settings.


Scroll down and click on Language & input.

Language & input

Click Voice Search.

Voice Search

Now click Google Account dashboard.

Google Account dashboard

You’ll be redirected to the Google Account Dashboard site where you can manage your account information.

I like using the Dashboard to keep tabs on the information I’m sharing with Google. The Dashboard allows me to adjust what third party apps have access to my Google account.

Many people get critical of Google’s sharing, but I like being able to easily see what’s being shared and with whom. More importantly, I like that I can shut off apps I don’t want to allow.

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