Google is my go-to search engine. Sure, I know all about Google’s lust for “filthy” advertising lucre, but the truth is that when you need information fast, it’s hard to beat Google’s results.  They’re fast and fairly accurate, and if you have to go to page 2, you know you’re searching in the wrong location. I remember the first time I used Google post-law school to research some case law. After having access to sophisticated reference programs, books of statutes, and legal dictionaries, I felt guilty about using Google to get my information. “Real attorneys don’t use Google,” I thought. I was wrong.

I also love the fact that Google’s interested in helping users become addicted to Google. Google knows that by helping users fall in love with their products, they’ll remain devoted fans. Therefore, Google offers many tools to help get acquainted with Google’s services. That’s probably the reason that Google opened its Google Tips site.

Google Tips Desktop

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Google Tips seeks to help acquaint users with the variety of services. The site works on desktop or mobile devices, and features tips cards you can click to get customized information.

Google Tips Card

Clicking a card will show you specific answers to some common issues.

Google Tips Card 1

The tips will walk you through setting up the feature on your desktop or mobile device, then offer some instances when the card may appear.

There are a number of different cards for all of Google’s services.

Google Tips Topics

So, the next time you have a “how to” question, check out Google Tips. Of course, with the various tips for Google’s services, the Google Tips might make this blog obsolete . . .

I doubt it. 

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