This week feels like a flash flood of old movies from New Orleans. I got to walk down the streets and reminisce about scenes from great movies like Runaway Jury (I know, you’d have to be an idiot to pick John Cusack on your jury), Red (no, I didn’t hop out of a car and put bullets through a CIA agent’s windshield), and The Pelican Brief (remember when America loved Julia Roberts?).

I also got to use my Field Trip app (free), which showed me some interesting sites and new information. And don’t forget some of the pictures I took. Here’s a sample of few from the full New Orleans album on my Google+ page:

St. Louis Cathedral

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Louisiana Supreme Court

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Cafe du Monde

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I took all of my pictures with my HTC Droid DNA, and then edited the really good ones with Snapseed, or just left then enhancements to Google+. This trip helped me appreciate good camera apps.

And in other news:

From L to R: Jeff Richardson (iPhone J.D.), Natalie Kelly, and Jeff Taylor

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I hope you’re preparing to attend ABA Techshow 2014. I had the opportunity to lunch with Natalie Kelly, the Techshow 2014 Chair, and she shared one very exciting — I’m sworn by pinky swear to secrecy — tidbit of news that I think you’ll like. Natalie also tells me that there is another exciting announcement, but kept “mum” on that one. I’m going to be presenting at 2 sessions on Android, and there will be an “entire” Android track on Friday: The Litigators Guide to Android; Practice Pointers: Android Settings & Customization to Up Productivity (mine and WTH?); and 60 Apps & Widgets (mine).

Google rolled out a new text-to-speech app, which you probably saw update on your Android device. The speech engine is what makes your Android device talk, and I suspect that Google’s going to enable by default, text to speech natively for most apps.

Sprint users rejoice, because the Nexus 5 is now available for $149 if you purchase through Best Buy.

If you have money to burn, why don’t you pick up a $6000 4K tablet. I can see a lot of uses for the tablet, but I still have student loans to pay off.

Look for an update to Google Now that supposedly increases “the smarts.”

Are you thinking about getting a Galaxy Note 3? Check out the Galaxy Note 3 Experience app.

Will Android be the key to home automation? This blogger thinks so.

There’s a lot of fervor about these barges Google has. Now, the mystery is solved. Apparently, it’s going to be a new type of meeting and exhibit center.

Now’s the time to travel back in time for a very special 8-bit extravaganza and Star Wars decadence.

If you still want a Moto X — you might because the Nexus 5 is have camera issues — and you’re on Verizon, you’ll be able to customize your device with MotoMaker beginning November 11.

Marques Brownlee has a Nexus 5 review:

Get root on your Nexus 5, if you still really need root.

If you really want to buy a device that isn’t going to get updated, then you’ll want Verizon’s Ellipsis 7 tablet. Really, Verizon. You chose to certify your dumb tablet over the Nexus 7?

Google Maps just got . . . auto-awesome? Yup. It’s even more awesome with 3D views.

FYI or PSA, Google+ will use your image to identify you to another person’s phone when calling a number. I like the idea, others won’t.

NVidia’s CEO is banking on Android to become the best operating system for mobile gaming.

And finally, I get asked a lot about syncing Google’s Gmail to Outlook, even though I’ve mentioned the process several times. Now, there’s a new video:

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