One of the most shocking things to come out of this week’s news is this post from Google regarding Government requests for user information. Here’s a look at Google’s transparency report:

Google Transparency Report

Click this image to view a larger version.

I’m not sure I like all of the black. Note, I also think this post was pretty funny.

And in other news:

If this video doesn’t make you tear up, you have a colder heart than me:

And in case you weren’t aware, Lahore is in Pakistan, and Dehli is in India. The Indians and Pakistanis have their share of troubles.

Google Earth is mapping the world’s deforestation over time. While I don’t fully buy the global warming stuff, I can get behind not killing trees.

You probably noticed an update to your Google+ app — and why aren’t you using Google+? — so you can read about the new features.

Google won its book-scanning case. Which basically means that Google Scholar and Books is getting a whole lot better. Of course, there’ll probably be appeals.

Google also wants you to get “the mark of the beast” thinks “throat tattoos” are the future.

This week, Gmail got better with more shortcuts for stuff, particularly for sending stuff to Google Drive.

Mitch Jackson showed us what a lawyer does with his first 48 hours using Google Glass, but this team of doctors believes Glass will revolutionize surgeries:

Oh, and perhaps Mitch will want to try driving this Lambo next time.

Remind me never to get caught naked near the Google Street View cameras. Here’s a funny video of the weirdest things caught by Street View:

Of course, I’m not creative enough to make any of these things happen. Do you think the prostitutes know they’re famous?

You can purchase a Nexus 5 from T-Mobile for $41.99 down and 24 payments of $17 per month. For the 16GB model. Or, you can be smart and purchase the 32GB model for about $50 less on Google Play.

If you’re a lawyer who works with nonprofits, you might be interested in Google’s nonprofit project.

The new Nexus 10 tablet will go on sale on November 21st.

Apparently, someone was able to purchase a Nexus 5 with a Key Lime Pie build. I have my doubts, but the proof is in the image.

Marques Brownlee reviewed the Nexus 5:

Armando Ferreira (definitely pro-Android) thinks the Nexus 5 is the best smartphone of 2013:

And one more review from JR Raphael, for good measure.

The stock Android 4.4, or “Google Experience,” will be available for all devices. I couldn’t get this to work on my HTC Droid DNA — it crashed with Google Search — but my other devices worked fine.

Except it looks like my HTC Droid DNA, cracked screen and all, will be getting Android 4.4, “early or mid-2014.” That is, if Verizon decides to push out the update.

The announcement that Moto X will receive Android 4.4 in “a matter of weeks” makes me debate between Nexus 5 and Moto X. Now, if I could confirm that Verizon won’t screw up the update, I might just purchase Moto X for the better camera.

And having Android 4.4 on a Verizon Moto X might be a possibility.

Motorola is also introducing a new phone called Moto G, which will start at $179 off contract. You can read a hands-on review here. CNet has a similar reviewWarning: Moto G does not support 4G LTE.

KitKat is imminent on Nexus devices, but if you’re hankering to update, here’s how. It’s not a difficult process — I might do it this weekend — but be aware that it could screw up your device.

And, for $15, someone can get me this and this to add to my collection of Android figurines. Thanks in advance:

3d KitKat Android

Stand Full Figure Android KitKat

Cyanogenmod Installer will help get Cyanogenmod on your phone — this only works on a select number of phones. Plus, with Nexus devices, I don’t think Cyanogenmod is all too necessary. But, definitely for older devices.

Android devices accounted for 81% of third quarter sales.

Another amazing fact is that 71% of devices run Android 4.0+:

Android Distribution 11-1-13

Click this image to view a larger version.

Google Fiber came to Provo, Utah.

Here’s a post about the 4 best Android keyboards. I love Google Keyboard, but Mrs. The Droid Lawyer prefers SwiftKey.

really don’t understand how this hack is possible, but mobile malware is ever-present. I wonder if the “estimating” is as good as the TSA’s.

If you’re thinking of getting an Android tablet this holiday season, check out this post. I only agree with one of the reasons not to buy an Android tablet — you’re giving up your data — because the rest are the ones most punctuated by iOS users. Incidentally, you might want to view this post on the best Android device.

If you use WordPress for your blog or law firm site — and why aren’t you if you’re not? — you’re going to love the new update for the WordPress (free) app. I prefer using the app on my tablet (the bigger space), but a smartphone works, too.

Google’s working to introduce tablets into your child’s education:

If you don’t have a Chromebook, I’d wait until next year to check out the new one from ASUS.

Especially since HP and Google halted sales of the Chromebook 11 because of overheating problems. Incidentally, I know an “Oklahoma City Personal Injury Attorney who handles class action lawsuits” — every attorney SEO post, ever. Truthfully though, wouldn’t it be cool to have part of the class action settlement be free Google drive space — maybe 1 TB — and a ton of Google Play credits — like $279? Okay, that’s not really a ton, but it would be awesome.

Here’s a great post on tips for Google Apps users.

Robert Ambrogi reports that Box is pushing further into the legal services industry.

And finally, because the scenes in Italian Job shot in Venice are so cool, now you can take a virtual trip:

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