Occasionally, I’ll give away free stuff. Sometimes it’s products. Sometimes it’s apps. And sometimes, it’s swag. Well, usually it’s swag. And what’s wrong with swag from The Droid Lawyer?

This time, in honor of Halloween, I asked you to tell me your favorite candy.

Newsletter October 31, 2013

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There were a number of responses, including my favorite from Idaho attorney, Andrew Schoppe:

John Candy


Andrew wins because he made me laugh out loud and almost wreck my car because I was reading his email while driving.

That only leaves one mouse pad for the other entrants. Surprisingly, there weren’t any candy repeats, and I learned of a few new, probably local, favorites like, Grandpa Romolo’s Famous Sponge Candy — I’m not sure the sponge digests too well [cue rimshot].

Without further pomp, winner number 2 is Dan Landers, who’s in love with “crack candy” (Brach’s Candy Corn).

Incidentally, my favorite candy is Snickers. Or is it 3 Musketeers? No. My favorite has to be KitKat.

As for The Droid Tots, they’re loving their score of full-sized candy bars:

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