Today’s the day I’m presenting at lex|PORT 2013 – are you tired of hearing about this? This has been a great conference, and certainly well worth attending if you’re in a 3-5 hour radius of St. Louis. Heck, I’m 7 hours away and it’s worth it. Plus, you’re in St. Louis!

My two topics (plus my 50 apps in 50 minutes) are Android 101 and Advanced Android for Lawyers. I’m excited about the presentations – a mix of Q & A, hands-on, and lecture – which I hope I can make into a bigger trend.

Sadly, I haven’t been able to get out and see much, and I’ll probably be prevented from riding the bubble to the top of the Gateway Arch because of the government shutdown. Unlike the government, Android’s private sector associations keep moving on.

  • Chrome Beta for Android has an update that brings an “add to homescreen” feature for saving webpages to your desktop. I’m not sure why everyone isn’t using Chrome as their browser, and why Android users don’t have Chrome Beta installed. You can get the browser here, and see the other features here.
  • Here’s a post about how Google beats Apple.
  • And here’s one about how Google Now beats Siri, and how Apple’s scared.
  • Marques Brownlee (MKBHD) reviewed the Samsung Galaxy Note 3:

Dilbert October 4 2013

  • One more jab at why Android is better than iPhone.
  • Here’s one more confirmation to show why you shouldn’t be concerned about malware on Android: less than 0.001% of apps.
  • According to this story, half of Android users don’t have any security software installed. I’m leaning that way in regards to malware, but I think that you should at least have Android Device Manager to locate and wipe your devices. For lawyers, I think it’s also an ethical violation to not protect your device from malware.
  • This BBC article is a pretty fascinating look at how phone accessories go from concept to production to sales on an extremely shortened time scale.
  • I’m limping through each day with the cracked screen on my Droid DNA until the Nexus 5 launches at the end of October. At least that’s the rumor.
  • Here are some Nexus 5 specs. They’re totally incomprehensible to the average reader, but let me say this: awesome.
  • Gestures will become more prominent in your desktop and mobile environments.
  • Futurelawyer points out why the new Narrative Clip device is a bigger issue than Google Glass.
  • Jelly Bean is running on nearly 50% of Android devices. Which means you’re finally taking my advice to upgrade:

Android OS Distribution Oct 2013

Samsung Home Sync

  • And finally, this:
And you thought your Google Calendar setup was cool.
Have a great week!

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