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We’re winding down this great year of innovations in the world of Android, which also means it’s time for a quick review of this year’s top posts.

  1. How to: Watch Flash Videos in Android 4.0 – Without Flash, some website videos are not playable on Android devices running Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean
  2. You Ask, I Answer: MS Exchange and Android – Many lawyers connect their devices to MS Exchange servers, and here’s how to get Exchange on your device
  3. Chromecast: What It Can and cannot Do (Right Now) – Chromecast helps broadcast content from an Android device to your television
  4. Managing Multiple Email Accounts on Your Android Device – I synchronize 3 different email accounts on my Android devices, this post shows you how to get it done
  5. Google Keyboard versus SwiftKey – Two of the best keyboard apps to replace Android’s default keyboard
  6. Android App Review: Everything.Me Home (Beta) – Launchers are a great way to customize your device without too much geekery
  7. Working With Gmail – I love Gmail, which makes it easier to manage the mass of messages I receive everyday
  8. How to: Link Your Tablet to Your TV – I watch more movies from my Android device and this post gives you the methods to make television viewing possible
  9. Viewsonic gTablet Users Rejoice with Android 4.1 – I’ll occasionally charge my Viewsonic gTablet for The Droid Tots, and they’re now running Android 4.1
  10. RepliGo Reader versus ezPDF: Battle of the Android PDF Editors – I like ezPDF Reader when I edit and review PDF documents
  11. How to: Using Folders to Organize Your Android Home Screen Icons – Effective use of folders will make you more productive and enable you to access your apps more quickly
  12. How to: Open Files Directly from Dropbox in ezPDF Reader – The link between Dropbox and ezPDF Reader is a bit mirky, but useable
  13. Android App Review: Papyrus – This is a promising app for taking notes and recording information like you would on standard notebook
  14. Amazon Prime and Play Movies and Netflix and Chromecast equal a Match Made in Heaven – Aside from a grammatically incorrect, run on sentence, this post shows the benefits of using Amazon Prime, Play Movies, Netflix, and Chromecast to broadcast videos and movies, and to save money
  15. How to: Poor (or Cheap) Attorney’s Dragon Dictation with Android – With speech to text transcription in Android you can easily dictate messages through your Android device.

Hopefully, that list will give you 15 posts to review.


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