Ben Schorr is getting ready to make his presentation on security at the Missouri Bar Association’s lex|Port 2013 Tech conference, but I’m more excited about an announcement from Hacked Cube.

Hacked Cube, in case you don’t know, is the firm developing awesome apps for attorneys. In particular, Hacked Cube develops the Depose ($7.99) app. Stewart Boling is Hacked Cube’s developer. Stewart saw an opening in legal apps for Android and created Depose.

One of the people I wanted to meet here at lex|Port 2013 was Stewart. And thankfully, he’s an exhibitor.

While I can’t talk about all of the things Steward and I discussed this morning, I can share these two pieces of information:

First, look for an new update to Depose in the next couple of days. This update changes a few items and styling, in a good way. I’m encouraging Stewart to continue to develop the Depose app for lawyer’s use. Unfortunately, Stewart’s going to take a (hopefully) short hiatus from Android for two other, and beneficial, projects. The first (or maybe second) project will benefit Android users, so I’m okay with the hiatus for that reason.

I have to walk on egg shells while I talk about this project, but the project might involve the introduction of 2 new legal apps and syncing between devices. Stewart showed me one of the apps, and I’ve very excited about the future. That’s as comfortable as I feel discussing specifics about the project. Sorry. I wouldn’t want to ruin things for Stewart upon launch.

Needless to say, this new app looks very good and stems from a suggestion I gave Stewart earlier this year. VERY EXCITING.

Hello there

The app looks sharp, will appeal to a lot of lawyers, especially if you’re a litigator or something similar, and might be available by Christmas.

13:11 Update: I spoke with Stewart over lunch and he tells me that he plans to have a Google+ group for the new Android apps. When the beta release is ready, you can sign up for a free preview.

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