Admittedly, I not using my LegalTypist service as much as I should be.



I guess, deep in the back conscious, I’m stuck on the fact that, (1) I can do it myself; or (2) there’s more work involved in getting my information to them. But sometimes, that’s just not true, especially if you’re a “big time” dictation freak. Which I’m not, but I want to be.

Andrea Cannavina, the brains behind LegalTypist, is dedicated to helping her clients achieve success. Even when they’re stubborn, “I don’t really need this” clients, like me. Or, I guess I should say, especially for attorneys like me.

Andrea’s team isn’t afraid to tackle new problems, either. One such problem is Android’s insecure sharing methods for transferring files to LegalTypist. Between our busy schedules, we’ve been experimenting with a way to securely transfer digital files, like dictation for Dictadroid, to Andrea’s “busy bees.” She’s pretty confident she’s found a solution – now I just need to do my part. That’s the type of dedication Andrea has to making things work for your law firm.

LegalTypist is concerned about security, thus they’re thoroughly involved in making sure their services and those of third parties comply with a lawyer’s ethical obligations for securing data.

LegalTypist knows and understands the various online practice management systems, enabling them to provide custom solutions for their clients’ particular needs. LegalTypist assists their clients in five ways:

  1. Modernizing practice workflows and technology;
  2. Turning time into profit;
  3. Providing simple solutions to complex problems;
  4. Providing security; and
  5. Delivering value

If your practice is looking to improve its systems, workflows, or profit, you should check out LegalTypist. You can demo the LegalTypist program by visiting the website or by calling 877-465-5012, enter user id 1234567, and follow the prompts.

If you want to speak with Andrea or another LegalTypist guru, call 866-848-2195 or email someone.

And, if you find any grammar or spelling errors in this post, it’s because I didn’t have a LegalTypist genius proofread the message. Yeah, they do that, too. I guess it’s time to crack down and really use my LegalTypist account.

Thanks to LegalTypist for being September’s website sponsor.

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