Registration for lex|Port 2013 ends Monday. This is a great chance to come mingle with a great lineup of tech geeks, including Ben Schorr and Dennis Kennedy. I’m slated to present 3 different programs: Android 101, Advanced Android Computing for Lawyers, and 50 Apps in 50 Minutes. Both Dennis and Lucas Boling have a great assortment of app recommendations. I’m also throwing in some new ones that aren’t Facebook, Evernote, Kindle, or Dropbox. If you’re not registered, get it done.

As part of the lex|Port 2013 Tech conference, you’re going to receive access to the “guidebook” via the Guidebook app. I’ve never seen this app before, but it’s definitely sweet. And, if your group’s planning an event, it’s pretty cheap to get a guidebook of your own.

Essentially, Guidebook is your mobile alternative to the printed brochure. “Duh, Jeff. We already figured that out.”

Well, what you’re going to see is a great way to give attendees information about your event (or venue).

Guidebook - My Guides

This app gives you the schedule of the event, maps and course information.

Event Schedule

Speaker Information


There’s noting significantly special about this app, it’s just nice to have these types of apps at conferences. If you’re registered for lex|Port 2013 Tech, then you’ll have access to this great app. I give Guidebook 4 of 5 stars.

Get it on Google Play

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