Last week we discussed Madden 25, and now we’re discussing FIFA 14 (free), the other football game.


FIFA 14 is remarkably spectacular, and I was instantly engrossed.

Like every FIFA game before it, this one gives you the ability pick a team and play a match against any opponent you choose.

FIFA Select a Team


The game is significantly easier to play than Madden, with the main moves being tap to pass and swipe to shoot.

FIFA Gameplay

Gameplay FIFA 14

Gameplay FIFA 14 Soccer

There are some frustrating aspects to the game, and some slight glitches like this one:

FIFA Error

But overall, FIFA 14 plays well and is actually rather challenging. Of course, the AI starts easy, but improves as you win games and improve your team. I love the various customizations, and the fact they’re not bleeding users dry with in-app purchases. Plus, unlike Madden where time seems to move slowly, 90 minute matches fly by, thus encouraging you to continue playing. If you’re a soccer fan, and you love to play games on your tablet, you’re going to love FIFA 14. I give this game 4 of 5 stars.

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