Android NewspaperApologies ahead of time. I’m moving offices, so there’s chaos and unproductivity in my world. Nonetheless, I’ve managed to keep a thumb on the Android pulse, albeit one that’s halfheartedly beating.

  • Lawyerist mentions, but doesn’t go in depth, about Rocket Matter’s new Android app. I’m trying to get the RM folks to set me up with a quick demo account to review the app. I’ll let you know.
  • I’m loving the Active Notifications app. This is definitely a good feature of the Moto X that’s available as an app for your Android device. It’s probably best suited for phones, but I have the app installed on all of my devices.
  • Here’s a post on how mobile devices are creating “the new” virtual assistant.
  • Moto X looks like it will have a new dock available for purchase.
  • Moto X will be available on AT&T and Sprint on August 23, followed by the Verizon release on August 29.
  • Motorola also reiterated news about its “trade up” program, which will allow you to trade in almost any Motorola phone for a $100 credit. The caveat: you have to be using a really old Motorola phone that isn’t getting Jelly Bean. That pretty much excludes every Motorola phone for the past 2 years. Personally, I think this is a bone-head move by Motorola. I’ve already acquired my new phone, and I’m searching for my next one. I’d gladly trade in my Motorola Droid Bionic (“getting” Jelly Bean) and use the credit to buy the Moto X (at $99 on contract, it would be a no-brainer). Instead, I’m like a lot of super-geeks, looking for the next-best Moto X alternative.
  • And Motorola’s Droid Ultra might just be that next big thing.
  • I intended to include this post in last week’s Round-up, but alas, I forgot. The post discusses 101 (or 12) uses for Chromecast.
  • This game looks sweet:

  • And this is my new favorite television commercial:

  • This article from The Guardian poses the question about why iOS is more popular than Android for developing apps. I think it’s because developers aren’t sure how to develop for Android (they’re still in Apple’s pocket).
  • You should also check out this similar and related story.
  • Despite rumors elsewhere, the Nexus 5 appears to be a LG-made phone. And it’s going to be 5.2 inches.
  • Google Glass will cost $299 at launch.
  • Or maybe not.
  • But, it looks like ASUS will make the next Nexus 10. If so, you might want to wait to purchase that new tablet.
  • Here’s one guy who’s hoping to making holographic presentations a reality. I’m in.

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