Android NewspaperLots of new and exciting events happening this week, particularly in the world that revolves around Google.

  • But first, in a non-Google related event, Microsoft released Office Mobile for Office 365. The app (obviously) requires an Office 365 account (so you won’t see a review from me) and isn’t available for tablets. Well, that’s another major screw-up for MS.
  • Speaking of Office, my favorite Office app, OfficeSuite Pro 7 received an update this week. You probably won’t even notice, but there’s a major improvement and addition in the “What’s new”: PDF annotations. I haven’t had a chance to thoroughly review the update, but look for my thoughts soon.
  • Kentucky attorney, Justin Key, emailed me about his most recent purchase, the Nexus 7 (2013). He loves it. Shocker.
  • Google announced a new addition to its maps sites called Views. The Maps team wants to encourage people to build street views of places. Now you can add your own street view, view others’ street view, but more importantly, submit Photospheres. You can check out one of my Photospheres of Carhenge.
  • Google released an update to Google Calendar that adds synchronized dismissals across devices. Very cool. Very useful.
  • Android and Me has a very good post about Android’s fragmentation myth.
  • Developer Koushik Dutta wrote the first Chromecast app that will allow you to stream your photo gallery. Now he wants help to know where you want Chromecast to go.
  • Findlaw blog has a good post addressing whether companies need smartphone policies for their employees.
  • The number of devices running Jelly Bean (Android 4.1+) is now over 40%. Perhaps people are finally listening to me.

August 1 Android Developers Dashboard

  • Jelly Bean isn’t the only thing growing. Android finally overtook iOS in the number of apps downloaded.
  • If you’re not a conspiracy theorist, get ready to become a believer. The FBI can remotely activate your phone or laptop’s microphone. But don’t worry, this won’t be you.
  • Marques Brownlee has a great review of Android 4.3 and why we all want it:

  • And finally, if you’re not sold on Quill or Papyrus as note taking apps, then perhaps you’ll want to check out Phatpad:

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