Todoist is the premiere “get it done” app, which recently received a full overhaul for Android devices. Truthfully, I’m not much of a to do list guy, so the power of these kinds of apps is lost on me. But, if you’re a list junkie looking for an excellent way to manage your chaos, Todoist is for you.

Todoist for Android

The best part of Todoist is that it’s free and available across multiple platforms. At the reasonable price of $29 per year, you can upgrade the app. The upgrade adds the ability to various other features, including the ability to sync your calendar. Obviously, I didn’t upgrade my app, but at $2.50 per month, it’s probably a good buy.

The newest upgrade wholly changed the design (though I don’t know how), adding a clean design and unifying the app with Android’s standard design features.

Todoist Design

Adding tasks is easy, and since it syncs across your devices and with your desktop, you’ll never be without your tasks.

I like the fact that Todoist also allows you to update your task fairly easily and mark them off as complete.

Todoist Complete

Of course, there are other options like labels, filtering, and the ability to procrastinate by postponing the task.

Overall, if you’re a mega-list-maker, who likes to feel like you’ve accomplished a lot, pick up Todoist. You’ll be happy with your ability to manage your list and complete your tasks.

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