One of the design features I’m whole-heartily advocating is the increase in Android apps for lawyers. Rocket Matter, one of the various providers of cloud-based law practice management software is one company wanting to cater to Android lawyers.

Rocket Matter for Android

Now, Rocket Matter introduces its Rocket Matter app for Android, which allows users to connect to the Rocket Matter interface.

Before testing the Rocket Matter app, I was pretty content with browser-based access to law practice management software. Browsers are the status quo, and I’m not advocating a change. Now, I’m satisfied to say that if your provider has an Android app, it’s head-up to other providers. Overall, I love this new Rocket Matter app. Of course, whether the Rocket Matter system works for your law firm is for you to decide.

Simple. Concise. Clean. Those are three words to describe this app’s design.

Rocket Matter provides the simple “bells and whistles” for grabbing and using information to manage and grow your law firm.

Rocket Matter Login Page

The app has resources for grabbing information about your clients, contacts, and case matters.

Rocket Matter Contact

I’m a little disappointed because the app lacks the ability to change or edit contact or matter information. Basically, aside from billing time, the Rocket Matter doesn’t allow for many changes.

Don’t worry though, this probably won’t prevent you from using the app to its full potential, and I suspect that the Rocket Matter team will add this ability in the near future.

Rocket Matter’s billing capabilities are surprisingly very good. The timer function really makes me wish there as a good ubiquitous Android timer app that worked half as good as Rocket Matter’s.

Rocket Matter Billing

Rocket Matter Timer

Of course, the billing information shows up in your browser database, which allows you to send out billing invoices.

Rocket Matter Billing

One word of warning though: if you’re going to use the timer don’t move around to other spots in the app. There’s no multitasking capabilities inside Rocket Matter. The time will stop. However, if you’re going to use another app, such as reading a PDF in ezPDF Reader, the time will continue ticking.

There are some obvious drawbacks with the Rocket Matter app, as I’ve already mentioned. In addition to being unable to change contact information, you can’t delete what’s in your calendar. This probably isn’t such a big deal, but sometimes I like to remove items without directly accessing the program through a browser.

As for design, Rocket Matter didn’t rotate from portrait to landscape mode, which kind of frustrated me. Generally, you can see most of the information in portrait, but when using the app on a phone, even 5 inches was too small for portrait productivity.

I also wish that a contact’s phone number or email address was clickable, or even copyable. I couldn’t even copy the information to my clipboard. Right now, your option is to remember the number or address, and enter it manually. I would expect Rocket Matter to fix this soon.

And finally, if you’re not on Android 4.0+ (and why aren’t you), you’re not going to be able to use the app.

Overall, if you’re using Rocket Matter, you should be using their Android app. None of the “bad” parts hinder the usability of this app, nor limit your productivity.

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