Android NewspaperI’m releasing the news round-up early, since I’m going to be in communicado for the weekend.

Google’s breakfast event was amazing. I’m still trying to process all of the information we received, but I’m excited about being able to use Chromecast and show you what’s possible.

Now, the other news:

  • The Droid Guy lets us know how cool the Moto X is going to be. The Moto X will introduce built-in phone tracking and phone migration, which will help you pull things from an old phone into your new phone.
  • Here’s a good review of Android 4.3’s coolest feature, restricted profiles.
  • For a full preview of Android 4.3, check out this post from the Official Android blog.
  • Here’s a comparison between the new versus the old Nexus 7.
  • This is the promo video Google showed at the end of the breakfast event:
  • Verizon and Motorola announced you’ll only be getting “Droid” phones from Verizon.
  • One of the announcements from the breakfast event which I haven’t really discussed is Google’s venture into textbooks. I’m excited about this, since e-textbooks are something I advocate.
  • iOS users beware: Android is the first mobile operating system to reach 1 million apps.
  • Google Enterprise blog showcases the excellent Google Cloud Print functionality, and the new ability to print anywhere. Some pretty sweet functions. If you’re not using cloud print, you’re missing out.

Have a great  week. Look for my review of Chromecast on July 30, and hopefully I’ll have Android 4.3 installed, tested, and ready for review by then.

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