These top posts posts are some of my favorite because they give you the opportunity to see what other readers find interesting.

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Your favorite posts run the gamut, from popular posts in the how-to series to Android app reviews. Hopefully, you’ve already seen and read some of these, but if not, here you go:

  1. How-to: Watch Flash Videos in Android 4.0 – Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean remove any traces of Adobe Flash. This also eliminates any real ability to watch videos, unless of course you hack your device. This post gives you the easy way to bring back Flash.
  2. You Ask, I Answer: MS Exchange and Android – a lot of attorneys still use MS Exchange to connect between their mobile devices and their offices. This post should be in the “how to” series, but I hadn’t created the category. That doesn’t mean this isn’t a worthwhile read, especially if you’re an Exchange user.
  3. Managing Multiple Email Accounts on Your Android Device – this post gives a look at ways to add additional email accounts to Android. Android 4.2.x offers user accounts, which can be good or bad, but every other Android OS requires a workaround.
  4. Android App Review: Is Bitcasa Better than Dropbox? – yep, it’s infinite storage for roughly the same price. Look for big things in storage from Bitcasa.
  5. Google Keyboard versus SwiftKey – I’ve abandoned SwiftKey, but because Google Keyboard is better. I can’t say why, though. Probably because Google Keyboard only requires one touch to open the microphone rather than a long-press.
  6. RepliGo Reader versus ezPDF: Battle of the Android PDF Editors – spoiler: ezPDF wins, but RepliGo has some nice improvements that make it a solid second place option.
  7. 2012s Best Android Apps for Lawyers – this post makes the list simply because it’s pure genius. If you need all of the top Android apps (through 2012) listed in one place, this post has them.
  8. How-to: Using Folders to Organize Your Android Home Screen Icons – I love folders. You will too.
  9. Product Review: Anker ASTRO External Battery – this post probably ranks high because it was one of my product picks in the ABA Journal. Of course, after 2013’s Taylor Family Great Adventure, it’s also one of my must-have items.
  10. How-to: Use Google Voice for Your Primary Phone Number and Messages – this post’s ranking surprised me. It’s innocuous, generic, and quite basic. But overall, it’s a hit with readers.

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