What’s better than infinite? Nothing. Well, Bitcasa might be. At least when it comes to cloud storage. My guess is that Bitcasa will overtake Dropbox within a very short time.

It can’t be that good.

Yes, yes it is.

First, you get infinite cloud storage space that connects between all of your Android devices and your desktop. That means, just like Dropbox, what goes to the cloud, shares in the cloud. I use Bitcasa to sync all of my photos and videos from my Android devices. I never worry whether I’ve saved my photos because Bitcasa automatically saves them for me.

Second, you won’t beat Bitcasa’s pricing. At $99 per year, Bitcasa is a no brainer. And by no brainer, I mean get out your credit card and signup. No, really. Sign up!

The Android app’s looking pretty slick

One of the best changes to the Bitcasa system is the UI.

This is the before:

Bitcasa User Interface Before

And this is the new look:



Crisp, clean, and well defined. Bitcasa makes it easy to find files and navigate through infinity.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Tony Gauda, Bitcasa’s guru and CEO informs me that the Bitcasa may very well be “PRISM proof.” What does that mean? Quite simply, Bitcasa encrypts its data on the client side. That means Bitcasa’s own team of engineers can’t access or view your data. Therefore, if the government or a third party subpoenaed your Bitcasa information, the company would deliver encrypted data, which is nearly impossible to access. Remember, I said nearly. That said, if you expose yourself to vulnerabilities, then you deserve whatever you get.

Oh yeah, and before I forget: these guys invented the technology to provide infinite storage (i.e. compressing data to itsy-bitsy, microscopic proportions), and they’re backed by some pretty solid investment partners.

I’m quickly breaking for Bitcasa. The changes go live today, so take advantage of the soon-to-be available “new” Bitcasa.

Here’s the press release:

Bitcasa Advances Infinite Storage with New Mobile Design & Localization 

Intuitive Mobile Experience, Localization and Increased Performance
makes Sharing on the Go Even Easier

Mountain View, Calif. – July 23, 2013  Bitcasa, the inventor of secure infinite storage across all devices, today announced a fresh new design for its iOS and Android application. In addition, all desktop and mobile apps have been localized to 10 languages. With a sleek new look and feel coupled with strong performance updates, consumers around the globe get an unmatched mobile experience. Users now have one secure place to store, consume, and share their content from any device, all without ever having to worry about capacity or the need to back up. To check out Bitcasa 2.0 on Android or iOS.

 According to Gartner, the average household will increase its digital content from 464 gigabytes to 3.3 terabytes by 2016. Simultaneously, the “Anywhere Consumer” is demanding capabilities beyond the traditional hard drive, including the ability to connect, share and access content easily on any device without worrying about capacity constraints .

 “We are redefining cloud storage and are committed to solving one of the biggest challenges with digital content — capacity. With Bitcasa 2.0 we have designed a beautiful mobile experience that simplifies content access and sharing, while making capacity worries a thing of the past,” said Tony Gauda, CEO and co-founder of Bitcasa. “With nearly half of Bitcasa’s paying customers residing outside the United States, the addition of international languages will improve the experience for consumers around the world.”

An Intuitive New Mobile Experience

  • New design:  A more visual user interface surfaces content that is most interesting and relevant. Additionally, finding stuff or getting organized has never been easier with the new sidebar menu.
  • Smart search: Users can now search on every page and sort by name or date (coming soon to Android!).
  • Easier access:  Recent files show up right on the home screen. Users can toggle between viewing by recently added or recently viewed.
  • Enhanced security: In addition to Bitcasa’s client-side encryption, users can now set a passcode lock on the app to prevent unauthorized access to their content on the device.
  • In app payments: iOS users can purchase Infinite Storage plans directly through the app. This feature will be coming soon to Android!


  • Localization for English-GB, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese (traditional), Chinese (simplified), Japanese and Korean.

New Browser File Management

Consumers can upload and manage their files from anywhere using their browser. Simply drag and drop any file right into a browser to start uploading. Users can also create and rename folders, and share full-sized photos, videos, documents and entire folders directly from the web at my.bitcasa.com. Additionally, users can instantly stream their music and videos from the web without waiting or downloading. New performance and stability updates to the Bitcasa PC and Mac desktop clients have also dramatically increased upload speeds.

The Fastest Sharing Experience Ever

Consumers are generating more content than ever. That content is useless when it is stuck on phones, tablets, or SD cards. Bitcasa liberates that content by automatically uploading photos and videos from phones and tablets to the Infinite Drive. Then from any device, users can create Send To Friend links to stream and share files of any size to their friends and family, whether they are Bitcasa users or not. 


Consumers can get  Infinite Storage for only $10 a month or $99 a year. Sign up today at https://www.bitcasa.com/signup. Consumers can also Bitcasa with 10GB of storage for free.

About Bitcasa

Founded by former Mastercard and Mozy employees and backed by top-tier investors, including Horizons Ventures, Pelion Venture Partners, Samsung Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz, Bitcasa is redefining how consumers are storing and accessing their data. Bitcasa offers access to the Infinite Drive across all devices; supported clients are Android, iOS, Windows, Windows RT, Mac OSX, and the web. Users never have to worry about disk space again. They can save, access, and share an unlimited number of documents, pictures, music, and movies from any device. Everything is encrypted locally and backed up in the cloud, so user data is always safe and secure. Download at www.bitcasa.com, and follow us at www.twitter.com/bitcasa and www.facebook.com/bitcasa.

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