This weekend I’m lounging and relaxing at the Choctaw Casino Resort in Durant, OK, for the Oklahoma Bar Association’s Solo & Small Firm Conference. The resort is great, including access to a sweet swimming pool.

Given that a good deal of my time is spent in educational seminars lounging at the pool, I missed the usual string of news stories on Friday morning. No fear, because here’s this week’s list of what you need to know:

  • Instagram is competing with Vine by adding video message ability. Look for a lot more soccer moms posting rasterized videos of their kiddos. Of course, if you’re on Google+, you already had this ability.
  • Also, here’s a post talking about why Instagram video is better than Vine.
  • And, just in case you’re cursing me for mentioning Instagram, it’s kind of a big deal: 130 million users . . . per month.
  • Android 4.2.2 is available for Samsung Galaxy S3 users. Well, at least international users.
  • Do you have a Samsung Galaxy S4 from Sprint? Here’s how to root it.
  • Want an HTC One? Don’t mind Sprint or AT&T service? If you said, “yes,” then consider Radio Shack. They’re giving away $100 Google Play gift cards if you purchase a HTC One for Sprint or AT&T. Hurry though. The deal ends June 30.
  • If you’re getting a Galaxy S4 this week from Verizon, pick up a wireless charging back, too. Qi charging is awesome. You can find one on Amazon for about $29.
  • SwiftKey keyboard is on sale in Google Play. If you don’t already have the app, get it now. Our new first-world problem is knowing how far to customize an Android device.
  • That makes me think about a Solosez post where someone recommended the purchase of an iPhone, in lieu of an Android, because “iOS7 is a dream come true.” My response: that’s a big step backward.
  • I’m playing around with a new security app called Cerberus anti theft. This app gives you one more bullet in the mobile security holster. It’s very similar to other security apps, except there are a couple unique features, which I’ll discuss in an upcoming post.
  • Google Keyboard updated with some fine-tuning and bug fixes. I use Google Keyboard on my phone and SwiftKey on my tablets. I slightly prefer SwiftKey since it’s predictive ability is off of the charts.
  • There are some sketchy details about a new Google service called Mine. This is a “place” to collect and catalog “things.” I already collect and catalog stuff in Google Keep or Evernote, but Mine appears more like a physical world related service, versus online – think online database of your stuff, with tracking.
  • Beloved Iron Man actor, Robert Downey Jr., appears poised to lend his good looks and swagger to HTC. For $12 million. Hey, HTC, I’m available for a lot less than that…perhaps free, if you’d ditch your Sense UI.
  • Have kids? Bored? In church? Or even an elementary school project? Well, this app might come in handy. You can thank me later.
  • Google Drive allows and recognizes a lot of languages. 18 new ones in fact.
  • BigRed eyes Canada. This means that in the future, your Google Drive account will recognize French Canadian on a Verizon device.
  • And finally, I missed the Samsung Premier 2013 event yesterday (relaxing at the pool can cause memory loss), but you and I can catch the recorded session, together:

Psst, did you finish it? Good. Maybe you can do the write up? I’m much too relaxed . . .

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