Sometimes I take some flak for liking Google+. That’s okay though, because of all the social media sites, Google+ gives me a more professional option. And really, it’s my most-preferred social media outlet.


Today, Vic Gundotra, Google’s Google+ chief, posted a couple thank you cards from the Google+ team.

One of the biggest reasons I prefer Google+ over other social media sites, is because of the ability to disseminate relevant information. I look at Google+ as the “how to” manual of social media: if I want to find out about something, I check out Google+.

To put that scenario into perspective, here’s how I see the other major social media sites:

  • Twitter: great for local flair, and selective national presence; I use Twitter for breaking news and to connect with a localize community
  • Facebook: like a high school reunion . . . minus the open alcohol bar (BYOB pictures excluded)
  • LinkedIn: a business card stapled to a resume, with a hastily-typed cover letter

Sure, I’m active (to an extent) on the other sites, but I take opportunity to interact on Google+, not just creepily stalk my ex-girlfriends, their husbands, and that cute girl I liked in the 3rd grade.

Of course, Google+ isn’t without its flaws, but Google’s working hard to rectify design, connectivity, and features issues. You probably don’t remember in ’04/’05 when Facebook was a swamp, only accessible to those with a .edu email. That was a ghost town. Google+ has come a long way in 2 years. And with Facebook becoming more ad-centered, I’m sure you’ll see an evolution of users from Facebook to Google+.

Google+ Evolve

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