If you’ve been anywhere near kids for the past 60 years, you’ll know of the importance LEGO® building blocks have played in many young people’s lives. The Lego Group’s always been at the forefront of childhood innovation, and their venture into mobile apps for Android is no different.

The LEGO Group offers a number of apps for kids, young and old.

I let The Droid Things test LEGO® City Fire Hose Frenzy, LEGO® STAR WARS, LEGO® City Spotlight Robbery, and LEGO® City – Team Up, and report their findings. Of course, only after breaking up 50-plus fights over who got to play the game longer, was I able to ascertain the appropriate information.


Overall, the Things loved LEGO® Star Wars (free) the most. And really, can you blame them? It’s a LEGO® Yoda, walking around with a light saber and a blaster, killing drones, Storm Troopers, and everything else.

LEGO Star Wars

This action game was a little too advanced for my 6 year old (some literacy required), but the 8 year-old loved every minute. You can get the jist of the game from this short highlight video.

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LEGO® City Fire Hose Frenzy

Lego Fire Hose Frenzy

Fire Hose Frenzy (free) is a fun little puzzle game, which challenges you to collect rewards and put out fires.

Fire Hose Frenzy


Fire Hose Frenzy Levels


Most adults will find the levels challenging enough to become frustrating, but not so simple to bore you. My kids had difficulty completing some of the levels, but still wanted to play more. My biggest complaint is the difficulty in hitting the perfect timing to complete the level.

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LEGO® City – Team Up

LEGO® City – Team Up (free) has a Spy Hunter feel, where the object of the game is to dodge obstacles and capture the bad guys.

Lego City - Team Up

Neither I, nor the Things, particularly enjoyed Team Up, though if you’re in a pinch, looking for an interactive, make-you-think-type game, Team Up is a good game to have on your Android device.

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LEGO® City Spotlight Robbery

Surprisingly, everyone’s least favorite game was LEGO® City Spotlight Robbery (free).

Lego Spotlight Robbery

My biggest issue with this game ended up being that I couldn’t grasp the concept of the controls. I managed to arrest the crook, but I couldn’t grab “loot points” on the way. The Things did slightly better than I could (they at least passed level 2), but eventually lost interest. When I finally figured out how to grab the loot, I also had some issues getting the correct score.

Overall, Spotlight Robbery will entertain you for a bit, but you’ll probably opt for LEGO® Star Wars like we did.

The LEGO® games are great entertainment, and certainly worth their asking price. Nothing beats a quality free app, and you won’t be disappointed with all of The LEGO Group’s contributions.

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Amy · March 25, 2014 at 4:14 pm

I’ve been looking for a LEGO app to download for my kids but felt overwhelmed by the choice, so this is a big help!

Have you downloaded any of the Peppa Pig apps on Android? My kids absolutely love them!

    Jeffrey Taylor · March 25, 2014 at 8:07 pm

    Thanks for the suggestions. I know at least one of The Tots likes Peppa.

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