Android NewspaperAnother very busy week for Googlers, as they released (or will release) three new updates to Google Play, Gmail, Play Music, and Google Calendar. The Gmail app seems to be the most revolutionary in its design, bringing tabs to organize your messages. The calendar update adds colors to events and changes the look of some things like the date picker. If you have a HTC device, you might have problems though, since there are issues between HTC and the Calendar app. The Play Music update allows you to delete tracks from your music library – a very nice addition. Google also created a video to showcase the new Gmail update:

In other news:

  • Oh, but wait…maybe that isn’t the new Nexus 7.
  • Mark your calendars for June 20, because that’s when Samsung’s introducing a new line of Galaxy products. Let’s hope the introduction gala is better than the Galaxy S4 disaster in Times Square. You can live stream the event here. Of course, I’ll have a write up about the event and some comments regarding the new products.
  • The introduction of a new line of Galaxy products is interesting, especially given the fact that Samsung is already head-to-toe covered in new products. Here’s a review of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8.0. Do you think Samsung’s over-compensating for something?
  • Want the “Google Experience” on your phone? Here’s how. Hint: it’s called rooting and custom-ROMs.
  • And for some iOS love: those readers will be happy to know Google Play Music’s All Access service will be available soon.
  • I’m excited to try UNO & Friends. Hit me up:
  • Marbles. That’s apparently how Google’s Android developers decide whether a design change to the Android UI is good. This post explains the process, which basically revolves around the “3 to 1” concept: 3 good emotions to 1 bad emotion. This kind of explains why Android 4.1 & 4.2 are so much better than earlier versions, and why Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) won over many hearts. The Android User Experience team also highlighted their core design principles: enchant, simplify, amaze. You can see the full Google I/O presentation in this video:

  • There appears to be a bidding war between Google and Facebook for Waze. Personally, I hope Google wins, but based on these kinds of stories, Waze is leaning to more Facebook integration. I assume that if Google loses this bidding, Google will move forward and develop its own Waze-like app.
  • Here’s an opinion piece that argues Android’s market share isn’t a deciding factor, and iPhone still wins – “Android’s a ‘joke'”. But here’s the counter-argument. Overall, Android dominates low-end and mid-level phones, with some encroachment on the high-end phone market. iPhone wins favor with folks who like to look like yuppies, or guppies.
  • Google offers nutrition information, if you’re interested.
  • Carolyn Elefant wrote this piece on lawyer’s technology needs. I think her assessments of technological needs are right on. I think some of the “critical” elements in the story are overkill, while others – like the ability to convert to PDF – have their necessity.
  • And finally, Microsoft is finally taking its gloves off when dealing with iPad. I love the new Windows 8 commercials. I think as soon as Microsoft can figure out how to reduce OS size, cost, and boost storage, the Windows 8 tablets will be the contenders in the mobile universe:

Have another great week!

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