T-minus 5 days. That’s how long we have to wait until Google I/O 2013. If you’re not that excited about the event, don’t worry, you’re in the vast majority. If you are excited, or just curious, I/O 2013 looks fun. Bad news though, if you don’t have tickets, you’re stuck out of luck. Never fear, because you can catch some of the event from the recently-released Google I/O 2013 app. The app will allow you to stream and view I/O from your Android device. Right now, content in the app is pretty bleak. That all should change come May 15.

And now the rest of the news:

  •  Google Translate and Google Earth apps both saw big boosts with app updates this week. Translate added additional languages and a “phrasebook” for commonly-used phrases for travelers. Did you know that Google Translate supports 70 written, spoken or photographed languages? Google Earth added street view, which is something I felt was desperately missing. This new feature will enable lawyers to re-create a deposition scene (here and here, too) even easier.
  • Are you someone who conveniently “forgets” to turn off your cell phone at takeoff on an airplane? You’re not alone, at least according to this study from the Consumer Electronics Association. The study found that almost 30 percent of respondents say they “accidentally” left their electronic devices (cell phones mostly) turned on. I’m in the 21 percent who “accidentally” switch the phone to airplane mode. This post from AllThingsD (original source) points out how antiquated the FAA’s no electronic devices during takeoff is.
  • Apparently, in the case that’ll never die (a.k.a. Apple v. Samsung 2), U.S. Magistrate Judge Paul Grewel ordered Google to turn over documents related to Android source code. Everyone’s getting sick of the bickering.
  • Let’s hope this rumor that Google/Motorola is abandoning the X Phone isn’t true.
  • Let’s also hope this story that Facebook and Waze are in serious negotiations (a.k.a. Facebook will purchase Waze for $1B) also falls apart. If the purchase is successful, I’m sure you’ll see more “social” advertisements, and I’d hate to know where my friends are for every minute of the day. I guess it’s back to native Android navigation for me. I know Google has its mapping/navigation system, but Waze seemed like a no-brainer purchase. Grab a great program, merge its features with your own, and gather more information about users’ driving habits.
  • This Dilbert strip was hilarious:



  •  A teardown analysis of the Samsung Galaxy S4 revealed it cost $237 to build. Think about that when you’re paying $600+, and Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile won’t subsidize the device.
  • You can also officially hate the citizens of Grandview, Missouri. Not sure where that’s at, here’s a map. Why should you hate Grandview’s citizenry? Because they’re getting Google Fiber, and you aren’t. So, here’s our tally of the citizens that have Google Fiber that aren’t you: Grandview, MO; Austin, TX; Shawnee, KS; Kansas City; and Provo, UT. Grab a phone book and start hating.
  • I don’t watch Saturday Night Live, but I saw this video:

  • The SNL skit wasn’t funny to me (I prefer Chris Farley), but Steven Colbert was:

I also liked this video from KMart, so what do I know about comedy:

Have a great week!

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