You’re not one of the lucky few who received their Google Glass invite, but that’s okay. Thanks to some very enterprising individuals, you can install pieces of the Google Glass operating system on your Android phone or tablet. Here’s a look at Google Glass running on my Nexus 7:

The full how to is here, but I’ll give you the easy guide. As always, do this at your own risk, and you’re liable for the consequences if things go bad.

To begin, here’s some background:

Google released the source code for Google Glass, which enables developers to do cool things. Developers took the source code, stripped out some unnecessary components, and created an Android app file (.apk). These files are portions of the Google Glass system (I didn’t install the language or photosphere components.

 Google Glass on Nexus 7

Now for the set up:

  1. Enable “other sources” by clicking the box in Settings > Security > Unknown sources.
  2. Download these three files and install them on your Android device:
    1. Glass Home
    2. Glass Camera
    3. Glass Maps
  3. Install each of the apks
  4. Click Home, where you’ll be asked how to complete the action; Select Glass Home and Just once
  5. Play around with Google Glass

I had trouble running maps or accomplishing anything that required “tap to continue.” For some reason, this function isn’t recognized and I couldn’t get any voice functions to work either. You also won’t be able to make calls, send texts, or start Hangouts, since this version of Glass isn’t tied to your Google Glass account.

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