If you’re fearful of your privacy being exploited, then you’re probably not going to like this post or infographic. If you’re already fearful of the amount of information Google acquires through its data-mining projects, you’re really not going to like the infographic.

Google Knows


I’m no longer fully subscribed to Google’s “do no evil” philosophy, just like Google isn’t. However, I also recognize that personal privacy is all but dead. Therefore, you might as well embrace the inevitable and move on.

With so much information stored about the user, I think Google might be a great resource for litigation. The government knows the value of Google, thus the increase in warrantless information requests. Litigation cases, and especially family law matters, might benefit from a swift subpoena to Google.

Now, in the past, Google has been less-than-helpful in turning over information if the subpoena didn’t come from California. That said, it’s not impossible, and certainly worth a try. Here’s the address I’ve sent two subpoenas to with much success:

Google Attn: Legal
1600 Amphitheater Parkway
Mountain View, CA  94043

This post is a great resource for moving beyond the simple, which may require a domesticated subpoena (I haven’t had to).

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